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Meet Our Team


Zaid Al-Chalabi P.Eng, M.Sc.

Principal, Climate & Sustainability

Zaid is passionate about sustainability by unlocking value in operations through energy efficiency and accelerating decarbonization through low-carbon electrification.

For over 13 years, Zaid has been delivering sustainable energy projects to customers globally.  Zaid works directly with utilities and governments in North America providing technical expertise and developing strategies to achieve their energy conservation and carbon reduction targets.  This includes delivering on their demand side management programs and managing the deployment of DC fast charging stations.

Zaid has also worked directly with customers to develop roadmaps as part of their net zero strategy which includes short- and long-term fuel switching plans and fleet electrification.  He has evaluated the technical and financial feasibility, as well as program compliance, of energy efficiency and low-carbon electrification projects in the industrial and commercial sectors including mining, forestry, manufacturing, transportation, oil & gas, food & beverage, and municipalities including wastewater treatment.  Over the years, Zaid enabled customers in Canada save over 500 GWh of energy per year, equivalent to supplying over 50,000 homes.

In addition, Zaid is a member of several CSA Standards technical committees developing novel standards for benchmarking energy performance of industrial systems and whole facilities.  To date he has pioneered the development of 5 CSA standards.

Prior to forming ASA Energy, Zaid was accountable for overseeing and executing utility scale Solar PV power plants for customers in the Middle East and North Africa.  He helped promote and foster the Solar PV industry in the Middle East by working directly with governments, utilities, and developers to deliver some of the first Solar PV grid connected systems in the region.


Hamza Al-Samaraie EIT, CEM, CMVP, CEA

Energy Management Engineer

Hamza is a resourceful engineering professional with expertise in all facets of energy management, data analysis and engineering principles.  For over 5 years, he has worked with ASA Energy to evaluate the energy and carbon impact of sustainable energy projects for industrial and commercial facilities. 

Hamza specializes in the development of energy models to predict future states and energy of systems and whole facilities.  His work involved establishing energy measurement and verification concepts, practices, and techniques for various mechanical systems including fans, pumps, compressors, refrigeration, and others.

Hamza made significant contributions to the development and validation of CSA Standards for benchmarking energy performance of industrial systems and processes.  He also led a team of software developers to create a cloud-based platform to allow customers to benchmark their energy performance.


Karim Safa EIT, MBA, M.Sc.

Project Engineer - Renewables

Karim specializes in managing and delivering sustainable energy projects to independent power producers.  Coupled with his background in finance, he specializes in developing financial models for renewable energy projects.  Karim has successfully delivered MW scale solar and wind projects to customers globally.

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James Kamelle EIT

Mechanical Engineer

James is a resourceful engineer in the field of energy efficiency and sustainability.  He specializes in data analysis and energy modeling for various industrial and commercial end uses such as water and slurry pumping, high pressure blower application and whole buildings.


Constantin Pitis PhD, P.Eng, CEM, CMVP


Constantin is an innovative researcher and applications engineer with specialized experience in designing, modelling and system integration of electrical machinery, thermo-mechanical equipment, processes applications, M&V, instrumentation, condition monitoring, testing evaluation and forensic investigation.  Champion of novel energy efficiency standards based on the Benchmark Energy Factor (BEF) concept as an energy performance indicator used by ISO 50001 and ISO 50006.

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