Strategic Energy Management

  • Energy efficiency feasibility studies for industrial and commercial facilities, including sawmills, pulp & paper mills, mines, cement plans, light and heavy manufacturing and commercial buildings.

  • Development and design of enterprise energy management systems.  A framework for ISO 50001 certification.

  • Energy performance benchmarking for industrial systems and processes based on CSA standards using Benchmark Energy Factor (BEF).
  • ASHRAE Level 1, 2 and 3 Energy Audits.

  • Operational energy efficiency optimization.

  • Dynamic demand response for industrial and commercial applications.

  • Energy savings measurement & verification.

  • Development of demand-side management programs for Utilities and governments.

Building Energy Compliance

  • Demonstrate energy compliance in accordance with local building code for new and existing buildings.

  • Completion of all energy checklists as required by building officials.

  • Prescriptive, Trade-off or Performance based compliance paths with either ASHRAE 90.1 2010 or NECB 2011 standards.

  • BC Energy Step Code compliance report.

  • Whole building energy modeling.

  • Coordination with all engineering disciplines and architect to ensure compliance with energy requirements.

Power Plant Development

  • Renewable energy power plant project development and integration.

  • Financial and technical feasibility study and analysis.

  • Solar photovoltaic system design and integration.

  • Off-grid power systems with energy storage.

Training & Speaking

  • Strategic energy management for industrial and commercial facilities

  • Energy efficiency and best practice for specific end use systems:

    • Compressed air systems

    • Refrigerated warehouses

    • Electrical motors

    • Variable frequency drives

    • Lighting

  • Renewable energy systems

    • Site selection and system simulation


Research & Development

  • Industrial and commercial energy efficient technologies

  • Development of energy performance benchmarking models for CSA standards.

  • End-use system research areas:

    • Building HVAC

    • Water pumping

    • Slurry pumping in mines

    • Industrial refrigeration

    • Compressed air.

    • Data Centres 

  • Development of cloud-based energy management information systems for energy modeling and benchmarking.  Collection of facility operating data via IoT integration and with data security using blockchain technology.

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